Relos Agreement India Russia

Relocation Agreement between India and Russia: What You Need to Know

India and Russia have a long-standing relationship that spans back decades. Both countries have collaborated in various fields, including defense, trade, and technology. Recently, India and Russia signed a relocation agreement aimed at facilitating the movement of their citizens between the two countries.

The relocation agreement between India and Russia was signed in October 2018 during the annual India-Russia summit held in New Delhi. The agreement aims to streamline the procedures for granting work visas and temporary residence permits to Indian citizens in Russia and vice versa.

The relocation agreement will benefit Indian professionals, students, and entrepreneurs who wish to work or study in Russia. It will also aid Russian citizens who want to work or study in India. The agreement will ease the process of obtaining visas and work permits, reducing the processing time for these documents.

Under the agreement, Indian citizens will be able to apply for long-term visas of up to five years, while Russian citizens can apply for visas of up to one year. Moreover, Indian citizens will be able to extend their stay in Russia for up to two years, while Russian citizens will be able to stay in India for a maximum of five years.

The relocation agreement also provides for mutual recognition of academic qualifications, which will make it easier for Indian and Russian students and professionals to pursue higher education or work in their respective countries. Furthermore, it will allow for the exchange of scientific and technological knowledge between the two countries.

The relocation agreement emphasizes the importance of maintaining social security for Indians and Russians living in each other`s countries. It provides for mutual recognition of social security contributions made by citizens of both countries and their eligibility for social security benefits. This will help to ensure that Indian and Russian citizens are not disadvantaged when it comes to social security benefits.

In conclusion, the relocation agreement between India and Russia is a significant step towards strengthening the ties between the two countries. It will facilitate the movement of citizens between India and Russia and contribute to the overall growth and development of both countries. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, such agreements are necessary to promote international cooperation and mutual understanding.